Vocal Legacy

Preserve your vocal legacy.

Continue to speak as yourself should there be a time when you cannot use your natural voice.

Take control of your vocal destiny.

VocaliD can use your speech recordings in The Human Voicebank to create your personalized digital voice. Think of it as insurance against a day when a voice is lost or unavailable for whatever reason.

Whether you are a singer suffering from throat cancer, a lawyer losing her voice to ALS, or even a young father deployed overseas who would love to read your son his newest bedtime story, your Vocal Legacy allows you to speak as yourself.


Here's how it works:

If you have banked a sufficient amount of speech, we can recreate your voice in digital form. Your Vocal Legacy is wholly created from your own recordings.

Bank your voice


Record 5-7 hours of speech on The Human Voicebank.

Your Vocal Legacy


VocaliD reconstructs your voice to be used with text-to-speech devices.

"When will my voice be delivered?"

Pre-orders will be filled starting in the fall of 2016 on a first-ordered, first delivered basis.

"I don’t like the way I sound, why would I want a personalized voice?"

We hear ourselves differently than others hear us. Although you may take it for granted today, your voice is more than just sound. It's a reflection of who you are.

It’s hard to imagine a time without your voice, or that it’s important to plan for a day when you cannot speak naturally, but those who didn’t banked their voice while they could resoundingly wish they had. Even if you don’t need it yourself, there are thousands of people who could benefit from your recordings.

“I don’t just want my voice, I want it to be deeper and more distinct.”

We are working on ways that you can tune your Vocal Legacy to your liking. Perhaps you want to sound younger — we call that a "Voice Lift"!

"Aren't there other companies that can create my voice?"

VocaliD has streamlined the voice creation process by allowing people to record their speech from anywhere in the world. Our voices are also continuously tuned to allow you to speak clearly and as yourself.

"My ability to pay for a voice is limited. Why is Vocal Legacy priced that way?"

Our goal is to make Vocal Legacy accessible to all regardless of financial means. With our one-time voice purchase and nominal fee to tune your voice, we support our users' capability to speak as themselves for the rest of their lives. Many of our customers have been very successful at using crowdfunding approaches to raise awareness and funds usually within less than a few days.

"I don’t have an AAC device, I just type on my computer and turn on accessibility functions. Will it even work on this?"

VocaliD™ voices are compatible with numerous speech-generating devices and consumer applications across platforms — including our own MyVocaliD app for iOS and Android as well as the Touchchat app on iOS and on Windows devices including Tobii Dynavox I-Series and PRC Accent.

"What if I try Vocal Legacy, and I decide it isn't right for me?"

We custom create your Vocal Legacy and for that reason, it is non-refundable. We stand by our product with our satisfaction guarantee. Contact us at hello@vocalid.co to learn more.

Preserve Your Vocal Legacy™

Order your personalized voice and join our second wave of trailblazers who are reclaiming their vocal identities today.

$1,499 For a limited time only

Order today and you'll receive...

  • Access to The Human Voicebank Vault, where you'll be able to submit speech recordings and indefinitely store your voice in the cloud.
  • Your custom Vocal Legacy™ Voice to be downloaded for use on any existing text-to-speech platform or device.